Bob and Anne Welcome You

We’ve been working together for a good number of years and have done very many projects of so many types and kinds that listing them all might make someone think we are super good at those many things. We are good at many things and we are super good with a few. No matter the project, we do our best to create a product or process that is useful and creative for each person we are working with.

So thank you for many years of good work. We are still going with many creative arts: writing, producing audio/video, some voice over, radio spot production, helping other authros get published, helping High Tide Press actually develop and publish books and media, we do some photography, recording, animation, web building. This one is not an example of any of that. We can’t afford ourselves to do a real web site.

And… is way behind us. We still do a few onhold messages but have not promoted that for years now. We still are doing radio spots which are heard on WGN, WLS, WBBM, WCPT, and others in the Chicago area. As audio is my (Bob) first love, I work to get better and better with audio. Today’s tools are nothing but amazing. And I’m pretty good with them. Been focusing on audio for video and getting that great movie dialogue sound. Got it!

If you want to reach us – Look us up at High Tide Press in Joliet. Don’t want to leave a lot of contact info here as the spammers arealdy have us on the run. Still getting well
into 1K emails a day. Not to worry, I’ll be watching for yours.

Thanks for stopping by. If I get inspired I’ll get back on here and load it with some of our photo history and some audio/video clips and, mabye some writing. Looking forward to hearing from you. In Peace.. Bob